Being launched in the Women History month, “Give Her A Voice” campaign is going to be Sukarya’s largest source of individual donations for its Gender Equality program.

The goal is to raise $200,000 for educating and empowering adolescent girls (10-19 years) on reproductive sexual health issues, their rights and building their knowledge and awareness on gender justice & family life while helping to develop in them, the qualities, capacities and attitudes on which successful life depends.


10% of India’s total population are adolescents. A big share of these 120 million adolescents, especially those in rural and slum communities, live their life without being able to decide and build their future. Deep-rooted socio-cultural customs and norms leave them powerless and vulnerable. Child marriage, early and repeated motherhood, lack of education, ill-health, gender-based violence and discrimination, and even trafficking, continue to form a complex cause-and-effect web that entraps so many of these girls. Beside causing higher infant, child and maternal mortality rates, early and child marriages force girls discontinuing education and contributes to maintaining the inter-generational cycle of poverty and further marginalizing women.

Sukarya has been educating & empowering adolescent girls across schools and slum communities in Delhi and Haryana since 2017 with a customized curriculum that address specific issues on adolescent health, menstrual hygiene, Nutrition, Family life skills and Gender knowledge while instilling confidence and leadership skills onto them for fighting against economic & social inequalities. These efforts are already showing remarkable change & shift in the mindset of this young audience. In the last three years, this program has already empowered 3000 adolescent girls both in slum communities and schools and 120 of them have become peer leaders.

Given the enormous needs and severity of the issue, we are proposing to upscale the existing project to cover 5000 adolescent girls annually to bring about desirable change. A shout out to all the donors, change makers and supporters to help expand this program further in other geographical regions for maximum impact.