Give Her A Voice
A virtual campaign for Empowering Adolescent girls

Give Her A Voice

The Goal is to raise $200,000 for educating and empowering adolescent girls (10-19 years) on reproductive sexual health issues, their rights and building their knowledge and awareness on gender justice; family life while helping to develop in them, the qualities, capacities and attitudes on which successful life depends.

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10% of India's total population are adolescents. A big share of these 120 million adolescents, especially those in rural and slum communities, live their life without being able to decide and build their future. Deep-rooted socio-cultural customs and norms leave them powerless and vulnerable. Child marriage, early and repeated motherhood, lack of education, ill-health, gender-based violence and discrimination, and even trafficking, continue to form a complex cause-and-effect web that entraps so many of these girls. Beside causing higher infant, child and maternal mortality rates, early and child marriages force girls discontinuing education and contributes to maintaining the inter-generational cycle of poverty and further marginalizing women.

Sukarya has been educating and empowering adolescent girls across schools and slum communities in Delhi and Haryana since 2017 with a customized curriculum that address specific issues on adolescent health, menstrual hygiene, nutrition, family life skills and gender knowledge while instilling confidence and leadership skills onto them for fighting against economic and social inequalities. These efforts are already showing remarkable change and shift in the mindset of this young audience. In the last three years, this program has already empowered 3000 adolescent girls both in slum communities and schools and 120 of them have become peer leaders.

As per the 2011 Census about 1.8 million live in the slums of Delhi and during pandemic like Covid19 or any other epidemics, the prevention, control and preparedness would be the most fundamental task. Since Sukarya works in the area of basic health care services, it understands the enormous needs and severity of the issues in a better frame. Therefore, we propose various safety measures like WASH (Water, Sanitation & Hygiene) for effective community engagement and to ensure prevention from pandemics. We also propose to upscale and empower 5000 adolescent girls who will not only bring the desired changes to strengthening the community and society but also will act as frontline volunteers to ensure better health.

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A Message from
Meera Satpathy, Our Chairperson

On International Women’s Day in 2017, Sukarya launched its "Educate, Protect and Empower Adolescent Girls" programme specially for adolescent girls living in slums. The programme’s primary goal was to ignite positive change in young girls so they could embark on the journey of learning and leading by understanding the implications of early child marriage, sexual abuse, gender-based violence and discrimination. Innovative ways have been found to reach messages to this target group so that they are aware of their sexual and reproductive rights and can make informed choices regarding family planning and contraception and know where to go and who to approach for specific services.

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This cause is very close to my heart. Over the years, I have had the opportunity to meet so many remarkable girls who have turned their lives around just with few words of encouragement and support. They have raised the bar, made a promise to themselves and steered their life agenda in ways that have transformed not just their futures but also their entire family’s prospects.

Each of their stories has been exemplary. It has taught me personally so much about perseverance, grace and dedication. Their simplicity shines through as they resolve to be the architects of their lives. Embarking on the journey with them has been so gratifying. It has in many ways helped me and the team to believe in miracles and turnarounds.

Working with this age group has proven to be rather strategic since girls under the age of 18, contribute to almost one third of India's population. Giving them the confidence, self belief and the tools/skills to move forward has brought about such dramatic results. Girls have done what they earlier considered impossible. They have gone on to complete their education, go ahead with higher studies, say no to early marriage, negotiate with their husbands and in-laws to delay motherhood and fight back in situations that are exploitative, stigmatising and discriminatory. As a result of their new-found confidence and ability to speak up for themselves they are beginning to overcome chronic issues like lack of access to basic education, nutrition and health.

We know for a fact and have seen with our eyes, that when we give these girls a chance to lead, they shine effervescently. Each of our programmes is customised to suit the local context so that maximum benefit can be leveraged by promoting gender equality/justice by training adolescent girls in sexual/reproductive health, family life/planning, and self-defense. We are aligned with the national government’s “Beti Bachao Beti Padhao”, a Girl Child Empowerment Campaign, launched in 2015. Our approach is to work at local levels in slums and hard-to-reach villages in India, partnering local community groups, women self-help groups, community-based health workers, government staff, and schools.

Together, we hope to equip more girls with the critical skills they need to become leaders of their own lives. On the Day of the Girl and beyond, I hope that all of you will find a way to support education for adolescents everywhere. Each action will have huge impact. You can choose from a multitude of options—you can host a bake sale, organise a project with friends, get your family and office involved, and so much more. Check out our “Give Her a Voice” campaign at and make a pledge today because the future of our world is as bright as our girls and the chance we give them to express themselves fearlessly.

Thank you.

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Our Superstars in Action

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Be a Partner in the Social Change

By supporting Sukarya, you become one of its trusted and credible partners committed to improving the lives of adolescet girls.

- Make your donation on (Give2Asia) page and be our ambassador to spread the words in your network.

- Host Sukarya awareness events at your communities and workplace.

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- Encourage your children to be volunteers for our events

- Register for Summer/Winter internship programmes and visit us on your next trip to India.

- Connect us with businesses and corporations in India for their CSR initiatives.

- Follow us on Facebook and “Like” Sukarya and Sukarya USA to receive real time updates on the good works being done on ground.

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